Leftist Paper Says the Constitution Gives Us “The Right to Protest” (w Video)

I was just over on Reddit, looking at the headlines, when I saw one that made me choke on my coffee. Clicking through to the site, this is what I saw:


From the article:

The military doesn’t “give” us the right to protest. The Constitution does that. Two hundred years of struggle for civil liberties does that.

Wrong. So wrong.

Let’s ignore the idea that the military gives us the right to protest. They may protect it, but they don’t “give” it to us. Let’s focus on the fallacious idea that the Constitution gives us the right.

That’s progressive nonsense.

We don’t have the right to protest because of the Constitution, the same document leftists decry as something written by rich, white, slaveowners only for their own benefit. (Which is ludicrous, considering how many of them were part of the new government. If it were just for them, they’d restrict the rights of the people and increase their own power.)

The right to protest comes from our humanity or from our Creator, whichever you prefer. They don’t exist because some men wrote them down centuries ago.

The right to protest is a natural right. That means the government can’t take it away.

They can only violate it.


Judge Andrew Napolitano explains more: