The Show-Me Report: March 25, 2015

Fox 2: State audit faults Koster on lobbyist policy

St. Joseph Post: Missouri Attorney General’s office audit deemed “Fair”

PoliticMO: Audit: Koster’s office has adopted no ‘formal policy’ on conflicts of interest

The Missourian: Koster’s office still lacks conflict of interest guidelines, audit says

The Missouri Times: Koster defends policies in wake of state audit

Fox 2: Missouri cities dropped from lawsuit over traffic fines

Columbia Daily Tribune: St. Louis County prosecutor to speak about grand juries, Ferguson

Fox 2: Ferguson has new leadership in police department and city managers office

Post-Dispatch: Ferguson to appoint interim city manager

KPLR: Ferguson’s interim police chief worried for officers on the front lines

Fox 2: Photos released of Ferguson looters hitting Citi Trends on August 10th

KPLR: Has releasing photos of looters in Ferguson help make arrest?

News-Tribune: Trial set for videographer arrested covering Ferguson

Bob McCarty Writes: Saint Louis Police Admit to Using Illegal Surveillance Tech

Fox 2: Missouri Medicaid program did not recover from deceased

Missourinet: Parson not surprised by Schweich death investigation findings, still no decision on run for governor

Post-Dispatch: Protesters, former inmates, want the St. Louis ‘workhouse’ to close

PoliticMO: In budget debate, Roy Blunt hopes to challenge U.S.-China climate change agreement

KY3: “Obama Cow” bill to help revive dairy industry in Missouri

Show-Me Daily: Don’t Let Transportation Development Districts Charge Fuel Taxes

Show-Me Daily: Still Coughing Up More for Education

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The Show-Me Report: March 24, 2015

Fox 2: Video: Ferguson demonstrators throw bottles at police

Post-Dispatch: KSDK checking station employee’s role in Ferguson protest

Yahoo News: Ferguson Shooting Suspect Confessed on Hidden Camera, Warrant Reveals

Post-Dispatch: Suspect in shooting in Ferguson told informant he wasn’t aiming at officers, search warrant says

Post-Dispatch: Community discussion on Ferguson brings call for more police accountability

KPLR: Ferguson to name interim city manager

Kansas City Star: Dave Helling: Republicans struggle to recover from fallout over Schweich

Kansas City Business News: Police: No evidence of political bullying against Schweich

KBIA: GOP Donor Revises Account of Remark About Missouri Auditor

The Missouri Times: TWMP talks court reform, the next auditor

Missourinet: Missouri State Senator calls for rebellion against BBQ grill study

KBIA: Missouri Republican Proposes Fix to Felon Gun Rights Problem

Missourinet: Missouri legislator proposes official state limit on official state things

The Rolla Daily News: Police: No clear motive in Missouri auditor’s suicide

20 Pounds of Headlines: Hancock Says Fundraising is Key to Staying on GOP Job

Rolla Daily News: Missouri House OKs bill to protect religious student groups

Post-Dispatch: Children win family dispute over Ladue man’s $50 million fortune

Post-Dispatch: NFL owners briefed on St. Louis stadium plan – and the competition

KPLR: Patriots owner weighs in on NFL stadium in St. Louis

Fox 2: Battle continues between St. Charles County and St. Peters over red light cameras

Fox 4: Clergy group delivers wage petition, but scoffs at lawsuit inquiries involving Bishop Tony Caldwell

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SB399 Deserves More Attention, Transparent and Secure Elections Are Key To Our Government


Grassroots activists are trying to ensure transparent and secure elections in Missouri by eliminating all digital voting machines in the state. Now, before you dismiss this as some sort of Luddite, anti-technology conspiracy theory movement, you should know a few facts about these machines.

For example, they can’t be audited, meaning when you cast a vote, there’s no way of counting your vote after it’s entered. The machine is supposed to have a printed tally within the machine, but it often breaks down. And that’s just one of many problems discovered by Missourians for Honest Elections:

Our analysis found a total of 298 reports of problems that occurred with the iVotronic voting machines (iVOs) that required the help—either by phone or a site visit– of at least one member of the County’s technical crew in the November 4, 2014 election.

Moreover, the logs show that at least 99 of these problems resulted in a primary technician having to call for assistance from a higher level technician on the crew; at least 13 had to be addressed by the Super Captains.

That might seem like a small amount of problems considering the number of votes cast, however, that’s not the biggest problem. It’s the fact that those votes can’t be audited, as shown in the recount for Amendment 1.

The fact is, an accurate vote by vote recount couldn’t be done, according to Freida Kehough, who offered the following testimony to the Financial and Governmental Organization and Elections Committee:

There was a statewide recount of Amendment 1 in September 2014. I was a volunteer observer for one day of that recount as staff reviewed the paper tapes from the DRE’s. Since I am aware of the problems with paper tapes I asked how they can have paper tapes that are reviewable and was told that they re-printed the tapes from what was in the machines. We can be sure that NO voter had verified any of this supposedly correct data, because no voter had ever seen the re-print. The process to review all paper tapes was ordered by the Secretary of
State but had to be abandoned due to lack of time. It took 3 workers approximately 1-2 hours to unroll one tape, find the specific vote and record it. There are approximately 1-2 rolls per 1800 machines to review. The process was subsequently changed to allow just a review the summary page at the end of each tape.

By my rough calculations, it would have taken a full month or longer to recount approximately 4500 tapes for 1800 machines by 10 teams of 3.

They ended up just printing out a summary and going off of it.

Same with the recount for St. Louis County Executive:

In the November 2014 election, St.Louis County had another election re-count—the race for County Executive. The recount of the paper ballots produced some additional votes for Rick Stream. A paper ballot that might have been spoiled because of an “overvote” does reveal “the intend of the voter” and must therefore be counted. The recount of the DRE’s did not include a review of the paper tapes, only a machine recount and a review of summary totals.

These machines are only used in a few areas, but these areas are densely populated, resulting in nearly 25 percent of all votes cast in Missouri being essentially unauditable.

The biggest roadblock to this bill becoming a law?

The Missouri Leadership Project says it’s Speaker John Diehl:

The Senate version of the Paper Ballot Bill (SB 623) was passed by the Missouri Senate in March. We had worked hard to educate the Senators and were very pleased that 22 of the 24 Republican Senators had voted for it.

However, we knew that Floor Leader Diehl would be an obstacle in the House. He’d purchased the DRE machines when he was head of the St Louis Co. Board of Elections in 2006, and had traveled to Mongolia to promote electronic voting machines with the Mongolian President and Parliament in 2009 and 2010. In addition, in a brief run in with him outside his office he had told us he would never allow our bill or any other requiring paper ballots to come to the floor of the House for a vote.. When we asked “Why not?” he said it was “just intuitive” that the electronic touch screen machines were more secure.

This is debatable and Missouri would not be the first state to return to paper ballots after moving to digital.

Republican or Democrat, every voter should be confident that their vote is going to be counted. As it stands now, nearly a quarter of the state have no physical evidence showing how they voted. It seems like something that needs to be corrected.

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My Interview on The Morning Meeting on March 19, 2015


Forgot to post my interview from last Thursday on WTAD’s The Morning Meeting with Sean Secrease and Quaid.

Here you go:

And I never did post the audio from my interview on the 12th. We discussed the changes being made in Ferguson following the DOJ report, the Missouri Alliance for Freedom’s Grassroots Lobbying Summit and whether Colorado is red or blue when I’m there:

I join The Morning Meeting every Thursday at 10:30 am. You can listen live here.

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Concerned Women for America of Missouri’s Liberty First Tour 2015 Presents Kris Anne Hall

Concerned Women for America of Missouri are putting on the Liberty First Tour 2015. For the next few days, Constitutional speaker Kris Anne Hall is giving presentations across the state, from St. Louis to St. Joseph.

Here’s the schedule:


I intend to go to the event in St. Joseph.

Here’s a video of Kris discussing the history of the Constitution:

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The Show-Me Report: March 23, 2015

Washington Post: ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ did not happen in Ferguson

KBIA: Missouri Senate moves forward with Ferguson-related bills, but they remain stalled in House

Connect Tri-States: Missouri governor signs emergency funding for local projects

Kansas City Star: Republicans are having their way in the Missouri General Assembly

PoliticMO: As Republicans face split, Roy Blunt steers clear of John Hancock saga


Fox 2: Hancock and Kelley: MO Governor’s race, Medicaid expansion, and more

Missourinet: Missouri GOP vice-chair says support for John Hancock is strong


Hennessy’s View: The GOP’s Sad New Whisper Campaign

Post-Dispatch: In wake of Schweich suicide, a suddenly complicated GOP primary

KPLR: Pulse: St. Louis C. Exec. Steve Stenger on challenges facing St. Louis County

St. Joseph Post: Senator McCaskill focused on future of 139th Airlift Wing,

Hennessy’s View: You Are Entitled to Nothing

Ozark Area Network: Prescription drug database bills add security protections

Post-Dispatch: Momentum grows in Missouri to block local business regulations

Post-Dispatch: Missouri House moves to privatize Medicaid eligibility checks

Ozark Area Network: Sen. Cunningham discusses tort, Howell County fee bills

Ozark Area Network: Hobby Lobby lawyer to speak at Howell County Lincoln Day

Ozark Area Network: Rep. Ross to serve on lead industry task force

Missouri Business Alert: Kroenke has finished LA stadium plan for NFL owners meeting

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