The Show-Me Report: December 18, 2014

News-Tribune: Gov. Nixon ends state of emergency for Ferguson protests

KBIA: Protestors shut down St. Louis City Hall

Post-Dispatch: Witness 40 in Michael Brown case raises questions about grand jury proceedings

KPLR: Gov. Nixon open to inquiry into National Guard use in Ferguson

St. Joseph Post: New leader for the Missouri’s education department

PoliticMO: Attorney General of Missouri Denies Doing Favors for Lobbyists

Post-Dispatch: Missouri minimum wage rises to $7.65 starting Jan. 1

PoliticMO: Nixon’s toll road proposal might face rough path forward

Kansas City Business News: Early polling shows tolls on I-70 unpopular

Missourinet: Dr. Margaret Vandeven named Missouri Education Commissioner

Ozark Area Network: Missouri Proposes Health Coverage for Eating Disorders

The Eagle: Missouri sets first execution date for 2015

The Missouri Times: PRESS RELEASE: Blunt’s Statement On President Obama’s Cuba Announcement

Post-Dispatch: Missouri AG Chris Koster to announce action on several St. Louis County municipalities

Kansas City Star: TheChat: Jason Kander touts work of new Elections Integrity Unit

News-Tribune: Father’s OK needed for abortions in newly filed Missouri bill

St. Joseph Post: Gov. announces Missouri cattle summit next month

News-Tribune: Schweich raises questions in ag department audit

Fox 2: Missouri mayor resigns after mother’s traffic stop

Kansas City Business Journal: Missouri gambling injects big boost into state’s economy

The Show-Me Report: December 18, 2014

The Show-Me Report: December 17, 2014

KMOV: State of emergency scheduled to end Wednesday

Post-Dispatch: U.S. education chief visits to talk to local students about Ferguson

KMOV: Dooley condemns McCulloch, primary election loss

Missouri Business Alert: Morning Minutes: Spending bill’s Blunt-backed provision, Boeing breaks ground

Missourinet: Missouri legislature might try out new override powers during session

Missouri Sec. of State: Kander, Wallingford Announce Bipartisan Legislation to Cut Business Fees to Overall Lowest in Nation

The Missouri Times: This Week in Missouri Politics to launch Sunday on ABC 30 in St. Louis

Post-Dispatch: County Council cites “growing consensus” on West Lake Landfill dangers

The Missourian: Missouri workers’ comp insurance costs could fall

Fox 4: North Kansas City school takes away blind child’s cane, replaces it with pool noodle

Post-Dispatch: Jay Nixon’s job-cut claims might not be as they appear

Missourinet: Missouri Conservation official worried proposals could gut Department’s funds

Ozark Area Network: Missouri Backs Off Proposed Scholarship Change

Post-Dispatch: Once again, Missouri lawmakers poised to load up on ballot questions

Ozark Area Network: Sen. McCaskill Doubts Future of Obama Immigration Bill

Ozark Area Network: Sen. Blunt Discusses Government Regulations on Senate Floor

KBIA: Missouri Charter School Commission Seeks More Funding, Permission To Hire Staff

Daily Dunklin Democrat: Missouri unemployment drops to 2008 levels

Kansas City Business Journal: Missouri gambling injects big boost into state’s economy

The Show-Me Report: December 17, 2014

The Show-Me Report: December 16, 2014

Fox 2: Police arrest Bosnian woman for making up hate crime attack

Fox 2: Ferguson Commission meets on SLU campus

KMOV: Tempers flare at third meeting of Ferguson Commission

KMOV: Several vehicles broken into during Ferguson Commission meeting

Post-Dispatch: Ferguson Commission tackles municipal courts

Bloomberg: Ferguson to Increase Police Ticketing to Close City’s Budget Gap

Fox 2: Ferguson residents will vote for new council members in April election

Missouri Business Alert: #FergusonRebuild campaign crowdfunds grants to help business recovery

The Eagle: (AUDIO) Man claiming to be Roxys owner responds to protests

Show-Me Daily: Map Series: I. North Saint Louis Municipalities Fines per Resident

The Missourian: St. Louis city-county merger discussions on pause

The Missourian: Staff changes for Stenger, Slay

KSHB: KCNoVA credited for drop in homicides in KC

Connect Mid-Missouri: Jefferson City council introduces ride sharing bill

Ozark Area Network: Missouri Dept. of Economic Development Ranked #1 in Country

The Missouri Times: Press Release: Rep. Rowden Leads Republican Efforts on Ethics Reform

Post-Dispatch: Bills filed to limit lobbyists’ gifts to Missouri legislators

Missourinet: Missouri House Republicans offer ethics legislation

The Missouri Times: Curtman wants Missouri voters to decide on Right Light Cameras

The Missouri Times: Press Release: Representative Parkinson Slams Obama Executive Order; Announces Immigration Bill

The Rolla Daily News: Report: Missouri near bottom in anti-tobacco money

The Missourian: Legislators, governor, reporters tour crumbling Capitol

Missourinet: Missouri Governor, lawmakers say repairs to Capitol a priority (VIDEOS)

Kansas City Star: Jason Holsman elected president of group that wants a new constitutional convention

Post-Dispatch: Lawmakers question funding, purpose of Office of Community Engagement

Southeast Missourian: Open carrying in compliance: Some worry about changes in Cape Girardeau ordinance

St. Joseph Post: Hurst Re-elected Missouri Farm Bureau President

St. Joseph Post: State recommends lower premiums for worker’s comp

St. Joseph Post: Mo. bill would shield reporting of overdoses

Post-Dispatch: Blunt going back on Intelligence Committee; McCaskill ranking on Aging

20 Pounds of Headlines: Blunt, McCaskill & Hartzler Get New Committee Assignments

St. Joseph Post: Congress Passes Sen. Blunt’s Bill To Boost Jobs, Support Travel & Tourism

Ozark Area Network: Sen. McCaskill Discusses Vote on Spending Bill

The Show-Me Report: December 16, 2014

The Show-Me Report: December 15, 2014

St. Louis Public Radio: African Liberation Group Plans To Convene ‘Black People’s Grand Jury’ Against Darren Wilson

Hennessy’s View: What No One Tells You About Ferguson

KPLR: Ferguson case: New grand jury documents released

KBIA: Prosecutor Releases More Documents Related To Ferguson Shooting

CNN: One challenge for Ferguson grand jury: Some witnesses’ credibility

KPLR: Ferguson Commission members discuss issues facing them

KPLR: Ferguson Commission to hold its 3rd meeting Monday

The Eagle: Leaders say Ferguson committee not a partisan witchhunt

Post-Dispatch: At St. Louis march, protesters decry police brutality, violence

Fox 2: AME church members march in protest Sunday against police shootings

The Eagle: St. Louis officer to be disciplined over Wilson name tag

KPLR: Brown protesters deliver letter to judges’ home seeking court reform

KPLR: Police investigating attack on Bosnian woman

Post-Dispatch: Rescheduled Ferguson holiday festival draws a crowd

Post-Dispatch: Ferguson eclipses discussion of St. Louis city-county merger

Fox 2: Missouri bill would ban aid for immigrant students

Fox 2: Post Scripts: Who is Bev Randles and could I-70 become a toll road?

Missourinet: Gov Nixon: tolls on I-70 should be part of transportation discussion

Ozark Area Network: Missouri Governor Teams Up With MoDOT Commission Chairman

St. Joseph Post: Nixon to discuss need for Missouri Capitol repairs

St. Joseph Post: Nixon wants more scholarships for Mo. online students

Lee’s Summit Tribune: New Audio And Video Available On Sen. Kraus’ Multimedia Page

Southeast Missourian: Monsanto tells its side of the story at Southeast forum

St. Joseph Post: Proposal To Raise Missouri’s Cigarette Tax Would Fund Children’s Initiatives

St. Joseph Post: Liberty Memorial closer to national status

South County Mail: Blunt praises House passage of U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act

The Turner Report: Cleaver introduces body camera legislation

The Show-Me Report: December 15, 2014

The Show-Me Report: December 12, 2014

Post-Dispatch: Legislature launches probe into Nixon’s handling of Ferguson unrest

KSDK: Legislators may try to subpoena Gov. Nixon

Missourinet: Gov. Nixon discusses ‘difficult’ months since Michael Brown shooting (AUDIO)

Fox 2: More help for Ferguson businesses; More questions for Gov. Nixon

Post-Dispatch: Judge orders St. Louis area police to give protesters tear gas warning and time to flee

Post-Dispatch: Clay says Justice Department probe of Ferguson should have no timeline

Post-Dispatch: State treasurer asks for review of subsidized low-income housing in Ferguson area

The Missouri Times: Zweifel asks for MHDC for study on LIHTC

News-Tribune: Project to provide grants for damaged Ferguson area businesses

Fox 2: 4 Ferguson protesters charged in attack over video

Post-Dispatch: Missouri Black Caucus chairman files constitutional amendment to abolish grand juries

Fox 2: Former St. Louis County Police Chief explains the fallout between the Rams & police

Connect Mid-Missouri: I-70 toll proposal unlikely to gain traction

The Missouri Times: State retirement system suffers security breach

Roll Call: Emanuel Cleaver Confronted by Pot Protesters (Video)

ACA International: Congressman Urges FDIC Chairman to Expedite Operation Choke Point Investigation

ABC 17: Missouri Rep. Graves joining Armed Services panel

St. Joseph Post: Rep. Graves on Passage of Government Funding Bill

South County Mail: Hartzler lauds passage of National Defense Funding Bill

Lee’s Summit Tribune: Bills of interest in the General Assembly

St. Joseph Post: Missouri bill would stop enforcement of traffic cameras

KY3: Local senator aims to limit feds involvement in beef program

KTVO: ‘Freshmen’ legislators tour Kirksville

Lake News Online: Local rep. David Wood proposes three education bills

Ozarks First: Ozarks React to Return of I-70 Toll Proposal

St. Louis Public Radio: Politically Speaking: As New Speaker, Diehl Is Big On Business, Not Keen On Tolls

Show-Me Daily: Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion as “Job Creator”? Not So Fast

Show-Me Daily: What Is the Right Level of Regulation in Public Education?

The Show-Me Report: December 12, 2014

Every Missouri Representative Just Voted for The CROmnibus Bill, Funding Obama’s Amnesty

I wrote this headline this afternoon, hoping I wouldn’t have to use it.

So, yeah…I had to:

Republicans have muscled a $1.1 trillion bill financing government agencies through the House after President Barack Obama phoned Democratic lawmakers and urged them to back the measure.

The House approved the measure late Thursday by 219-206.

The compromise bill keeps agencies funded through next September.

Many conservatives opposed it because it did not block Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration. A large majority of House Democrats opposed it because of provisions easing some restrictions on banks and allowing higher political contributions by big donors.

Obama backed the bill and called wavering Democratic lawmakers to persuade them to help it pass.

Here’s a list of who voted against it. Please note there isn’t a single Republican from Missouri on this list:

And I’m just going to put this here:

We’ll see. It’s a long time until 2016.

Here’s the roll call.

Every Missouri Representative Just Voted for The CROmnibus Bill, Funding Obama’s Amnesty

PRESS RELEASE: Joint Committee on Governmental Accountability Holds First Hearing

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri legislators took the first steps to investigate the response to the unrest in Ferguson and surrounding areas. The Joint Committee on Governmental Accountability held its first hearing today (12-11) to gain a complete account of what happened before and after the grand jury’s decision on Nov. 24, 2014.sen-kurt-schaefer

“The leaders of Ferguson have continually said the governor has failed to communicate with them,” said Dempsey. “We will go into this investigation without any preconceived notions and let the testimony of those involved tell the story.”

The Joint Committee on Government Accountability, was established in 2004 by state statute allowing the committee to look for inefficiencies and misconduct in state government. This is the first time the President Pro Tem and House Speaker felt the need for the committee to be empaneled.

Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, was elected chairman, and said while these hearings are a good start, the investigation will take months.

“Clearly the events that unfolded in Ferguson have had a huge impact on the history of Missouri,” said Schaefer. “The issue has sparked not only statewide problems, but nationwide turmoil as well.”

The committee will also conduct its own independent analysis regarding state resources available if they should be necessary in the future.

“I am honored to be elected chairman of this bipartisan committee and look forward to leading the investigation into the state’s response to events in Ferguson. As we begin this investigation, I want to assure Missourians that this committee will work tirelessly to understand the events and decisions surrounding the state’s response to the violence and destruction that took place in Ferguson and the neighboring communities. The men and woman of our Missouri National Guard and the Missouri Highway Patrol serve our state with great pride and dedication. They deserve to have an in-depth review of decisions and policies that lead to their deployment and utilization,” said Schaefer.

The next hearing is expected to be held in the next couple of weeks.

PRESS RELEASE: Joint Committee on Governmental Accountability Holds First Hearing

Poll: More Americans Want Gun Rights Protect Than Want More Gun Control

For the first time in decades, a majority of Americans prefer the government do more to protect gun rights than take greater action to control them:


Currently, 52% say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns, while 46% say it is more important to control gun ownership.

Support for gun rights has edged up from earlier this year, and marks a substantial shift in attitudes since shortly after the Newtown school shootings, which occurred two years ago this Sunday.

Someone might want to let Rep. Stacey Newman know the people are against her:

Good luck doing anything to further restrict our Second Amendment rights in Missouri.

Poll: More Americans Want Gun Rights Protect Than Want More Gun Control

Unreal: Dem. Lawmaker Wants To Create Vouchers for Farmer’s Markets


I sit in disbelief at all the examples of economic ignorance Rep. Kim Gardner was able to pack into one bill.

In HB 154, Gardner aims to “provide both a supplemental source of fresh produce for the dietary needs of low-income seniors, to stimulate an increased demand for Missouri-grown produce at farmers’ markets and roadside stands, and to develop new and additional farmers’ markets, roadside stands, and CSA programs.”

And how will she do all that?

Through force and the destruction of wealth, of course. How else do progressives try to get anything done?

See, Gardner’s plan hinges on using government to take money in taxes, launder it through different bureaucracies, taking a cut, of course, and then redistributing it through “vouchers” to senior citizens.

And this redistribution of wealth will somehow stimulate a “demand for Missouri-grown produce at farmers’ markets and roadside stands.”

Why? Because the government is forcing recipients of this welfare program to shop only at these places.

Makes me wonder who Gardner knows who runs a roadside vegetable stand.

But regardless of the cronyism, this is government picking winners and losers and assuming they know what the market wants, or worse, what’s best for the recipient.

Gardner thinks these low-income elderly folks aren’t eating right or aren’t buying local enough, so she’s going to loot this guy over here to dangle a carrot in front of this guy over here to get him to buy what she thinks they need.

And she doesn’t care who gets looted or where force is used, as long as what she thinks is best gets put into law.

Never mind the fact that the more the government loots from the people, the less the people have to create more prosperity that pulls low-income produce buyers into a higher tax bracket.

Never mind that at its foundation, this plan is immoral because it depends on legalized plunder.

Never mind that government can’t create demand for something through forced compassion.

Never mind that the same person who wants to create vouchers so poor old folks can get fresh kale is a member of a party that opposes creating vouchers to let poor kids go to private schools.

No, we’re dealing with progressives. Facts and economics have to place here.

It’s all about the feels.

Unreal: Dem. Lawmaker Wants To Create Vouchers for Farmer’s Markets

The Show-Me Report: December 11, 2014

CNS: Ferguson Store Owners: ‘The Government, They Weren’t There For Us’

KMOV: Protesters ask federal courts to curb police

Buzzfeed: Bar Closed For 17 Days By Ferguson Command Center Sues Missouri Authorities

Post-Dispatch: Meeting at Bosnian Chamber of Commerce follows spate of violence

Fox 2: Ferguson commission drafts first recommendation

KBIA: Why Police Departments Have A Hard Time Recruiting Blacks

Kansas City Star: KC Council to consider pensions for same-sex couples

Kansas City Business News: MoDOT: I-70 improvements will cost $2B to $4B

The Eagle: McCaskill supports Senate CIA torture report

The Turner Report: McCaskill: Release of torture report was gut check for our democracy

St. Joseph Post: Sen. McCaskill Meets with Attorney General Nominee

Post-Dispatch: Blunt tells White House, Holder, to expedite federal Ferguson investigation

St. Joseph Post: Rep. Graves Appointed to the House Armed Services Committee

Congressman Jason Smith: Congressman Jason Smith Votes to Improve Veterans Affairs Treatment of PTSD

The Rolla Daily News: Missouri judges question felon’s claim to guns

News-Tribune: Missouri bill proposes more fresh food for seniors

The Missourian: Mo. bill would give parents time off to attend school events

Post-Dispatch: Another round of anti-abortion measures expected in coming legislative session

Missourinet: Legislative leaders express doubts about tolls on I-70

The Missourian: GUEST COMMENTARY: Other states follow Missouri lead in looking to cut income taxes

Connect Mid-Missouri: Environmentalists seek wait on Callaway plant extension

The Show-Me Report: December 11, 2014