Clinton, Obama Chose to Appease China Rather Than Accept High-Level Defector


This story makes you wonder who Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is really concerned with helping – America, or the communist Chinese. When a high-level Chinese defector, bearing case and documents, told an American consulate he feared for his life, it didn’t take long for Clinton and Obama to make a decision to turn him over to the Chinese government:

Critics say Clinton’s handling of the defection of Wang Lijun, a close aide to a regional Communist Party leader, was a blunder and lost opportunity for U.S. intelligence to gain secrets about the leaders of America’s emerging Asian adversary.

Instead of sheltering Wang and granting him political asylum, Clinton agreed to turn him over to Chinese authorities in Beijing, and claimed he was not qualified for American sanctuary because of his past role as a police chief accused of corruption.

However, the defector’s case highlights Clinton’s policy of seeking to preserve U.S. ties with China’s communist leadership instead of pursuing much-needed intelligence gathering on China at a time when Beijing is emerging as an increasingly threatening power.

According to Bill Gertz, writing at The Washington Free Beacon, Clinton wrote about the event in her book Hard Choices, but, this may come as a shock, wasn’t exactly truthful about how it went down:

Details of the mishandling of the Wang defection have been kept secret by the Obama administration, and Clinton’s version of events were contradicted by U.S. officials and the official Chinese account. Instead of gaining long-term access to a valuable defector with inside knowledge of Chinese strategy and policies, Clinton contacted the Chinese government in Beijing and allowed security officials to take Wang into custody outside the U.S. consulate some 30 hours after he entered the property in a daring bid to flee China for the United States.

Clinton wrote about how appreciative the communists were about her playing ball with them:

The former secretary of state also stated she did not realize the significance of Wang’s offer to defect or the impact it would have. Additionally, she ordered complete secrecy surrounding the case to help Chinese leaders avoid a scandal during a major leadership transition in the coming weeks.

“We had no idea how explosive his story would prove or how seriously Beijing would take it,” she wrote. “We agreed to say nothing about the matter and the Chinese were grateful for our discretion.”

So grateful they showed contempt and disrespect to President Obama when he visited recently.

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Clinton, Obama Chose to Appease China Rather Than Accept High-Level Defector